August 28, 2004

The adventures of commuting

Commuting 101

These are some of the lessons i have learned through the years while on a bus or a jeepney.

1. Avoid women who think that a bus ride is a moment of relaxation. They sit comfortably with their arms hanging loosely at the sides of their bodies without thinking that it pushes you off the bus chair.

2. Avoid men who cannot keep their legs together at least to a reasonable angle.

3. Avoid people who don't want to get wet with their own umbrellas, it is you who gets wet instead. These people enter buses with their umbrellas raised up causing a drizzle past everyone whom they pass by. They may also sit with you and put their umbrella nearer your side such that you get wet while they don't.

4. Avoid the people in jeepneys who can only use their fingers not their toungue. Be ready to be irritated by people who touch your back or your arm with a fingertip and not say anything. Pfffttt. Please you have a voice, don't you?

5. Avoid men who are in the lookout for prospects. They get your number, your name and your address. Very freaky. Avoid drunk men. I had this experience once in high school. He just bent down and kneeled and shouted he wanted my name. I ignored him although i was so embarassed, i wanted to disappear right at my seat. I didn't wanna commute for a week after that.

6. Avoid speedy buses. They run so fast, every acceleration seems like suicide.

7. Look for women who want to tell their life stories while travelling. Go seat near these people who broadcast their husbands' philandering or giggle at stories about their boyfriends. My, almost every one has an interesting life.

8. Be on the lookout for conductors/drivers who pretend to forget that you need some change. These people might wish you won't bother asking for a two peso change, but i do. Be on the lookout for conductors who embarass you in front of all passengers like it is your fault that you don't have loose change or that he can't compute correctly from the fare rates.

9. Avoid passengers who think their bags are pots of gold. They just let their bags sit while you almost fall down from your seat. These are the most inconsiderate bunch.

10. Be on the lookout for conductors/drivers who think you are a circus performer who can walk towards the door while the bus is speeding as fast as you could. Just tell them, hey, you can't pay for my life when i trip and bang my head here.

Hey, i'm good today. I finished all my three assignments before posting my blog. Woohoo. I hope it doesn't rain today. I'm going up to the boondocks. I'm sneezing a lot. I just hope the Baguio weather does not make me sick all the more.

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