July 02, 2004

Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life

I woke up with a headache after having less than enough sleep that night. I went to the office and my butt has not even warmed my seat when Gladys tells me i have to go to Oasis (where our guest Pramod is staying).

The Pajero is missing!

Yes, a Mitsubishi Pajero was carnapped right in front of what i thought was the best hotel in the place. Yes, i'm not dreaming. I immediately went to the place. Took the jeepney with Pramod (which was what i wanted him to experience but not because the car will be stolen!). There was flooding everywhere.

Then at the police station, we reported the thing and i don't even want to recall the details. However, the next thing i know there was this guy who shouts at all of us and asks God knows what kind of questions pertaining to everything except the car. Gosh, he was really shouting. I lost my cool and told him something like

"Forgive me for saying this but this police station is a very hostile place. We lost a car here and we don't deserve being shouted at like this. I've been to a police station once but never was i treated this way. How can people come and report crimes here when all they get is this unfriendly interrogation and shouting"

The police official then leveled down his voice and explained, inquiries can be sweet, can be authoritative, etc. However, his was not authoritative. His was violent, harassing, name it.

Pramod was laughing saying, Rianne blasted at this guy.

Later, i found out he is the Chief of Police. Uh oh. I don't wanna go back there anymore.

Once in the office, we are again blasted at for not informing the boss at once. How much worse can it get. After everything you go through, it doesn't get any better.

Anyhoo, things are quite better now. But not really. It's stressing. That was 15 000 dollars stolen!

Then Pramod, a first time Philippine visitor, who got a culture shock riding the jeepney, took a Partas bus by himself not knowing where he's headed. It's good he's in China now and safe.

It's ironic that at the time i want to show off what this country's got. This happens. Its a big freaking SHAME some people are.


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