July 19, 2004

To go public or not

I'm happy some people have read my blog and liked it -- so Joanne and Marg, if you read this entry, kayo na yon, hehe.  Actually, when i first made it, i didn't want anyone to read it.  Once, when you searched my name at Google, it appears second in the search results.  I got a shock and rid the journal of any mention of my name.  Whew.  I thought it was really embarrassing or something. 

However, lately, i decided to go public or let's just say i just started giving out the web address to my close friends.   

I thought, what's the point of making an online journal when nobody but i can read it?  I might as well just type my thoughts in Microsoft Word and save it on a CD RW and take it anywhere.  That anyway is worth 750MB space. 

Personally, i love writing and i quote from SpiderMan II the movie that intelligence is a privilege and must benefit everyone.  WAIT -- I'm also not saying that you'll get anything out of my sometimes even pointless blogs.  Haha!  The point is that I wanna share my thoughts to some people and get comments or reactions about what they think of my ideas or reactions to everything about life.

"I'm coming back to the heart of worship and it's all about you; It's all about you Jesus." 

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