July 13, 2004

Rotten minds and country

Migrate, anyone?

The Philippines is in a very sad state.

Here the powerful and the influential say it all. They can be God to a lot of people. They can skip rules and jump over procedures. It is way too unfair. It kills all idealism in the youth seeing it is like going against a humongous tide, all five feet of you will be washed away, however you run or however you go against it.

Homer's family is planning to go to Canada, and so i think that a lot of people like them have all the right to do it. The future here is soooo bleak, it's frightening. Many stay, some because they know they can make a difference, some because they're on top and some because they have no other choice.


Here's another thought that's occupying my mind lately. We all need to be careful about the things we say to other people. You will never be sure what the effect or the interpretation will be.

A lot of times, there are instances where even if someone is just asking for help or giving instructions or sharing an opinion or something, at times, it is misinterpreted as 'being mad' or 'venting out anger on someone' or 'being bad'.

I find it silly sometimes so I just dismiss it as normal, but anyway, it is true.

Some people will sometimes interpret otherwise, even if you never meant anything.

Maybe it's man's nature. So we don't have to give attention to it all the time but we can always watch what comes from our mouths. It is but natural for some people to be frank, or vulgar, or quiet, or apologetic, or always playing safe, or always trying to be nice to everyone. But the effect on other people will be different according to his/her character. That is why we can never control other people's feelings but we can always try to understand them.

Just a thought to ponder on. The human mind is a very interesting phenomenon.

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