July 06, 2004

Of law, gifts and phone calls

I fell in love with a lawyer

Awhile ago, i went to San Fernando for an appointment with a lawyer. I had to go up to the fourth floor to the law office. I was panting when i got there. Twas a very ordinary room except for two or three nice paintings. I'm not much of an art enthusiast but it gave me the feeling of quaint ethnicity. I don't know.

Law is a field my dad really wanted me to take when he was still alive. Up til now, i'm still thinking of pursuing it, but the chances may be vague. It's not really because i want to but because my dad had wanted me to.

Back to my story -- there she was; tall, svelte, morena. She talked in an authoritative voice. I was swayed by every idea she said. I was infatuated. Maybe part of me was imagining where i would be now had i chosen to go to law school straight out of college. She was something. I was like wow. Or maybe law is something. I think i wanna be in the same place. Dreams, dreams, wherever they are.

Come to think of it, the only inclination i see from myself is that i know how to twist things while in an argument. Actually, i don't know that about myself. People tell me. The constant victim, Homer Danao, always tells me so. Err. Is that good or bad?

In preparation for my birthday

I was talking to Homer yesterday, about having yet to receive any birthday gift from him. More so, that he was not ever present in any of my birthday celebrations. A little bickering here and there and he promised to come on the 20th with a something 'something' gift. Haha. I want a long letter! Needless to say that here, he doesn't have internet connection in the boondocks.

My cellphone's outgoing calls are blocked

How hard can it get. After being addicted to cellular phones since way back, maybe first year college, or seven years ago, man am i that old already? -- now, i can't make any phone calls, can't text, can't check mail, nothing.

Up to some degree, i'm glad it happened, i need to control my consumption. i'm giving away too much or maybe all of my money to Globe. Hey sister, pay up!

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