July 01, 2004

A lot of food today

I can't sleep. I had a bottle of Malice a while ago, 5% alcohol. but i'm sooo sleepy yet sooo can't sleep. A while ago, Homer said, his cousins (maybe) and he were going to a strip bar. So i don't know if its the two shots of lambanog or the thought of him going to such a place. I had lunch earlier at Max's so maybe its the fullness of thy stomach as well.

Anyway, my officemates and i first we went to The Venue to have Pramod, the Nepalese, have a taste of Filipino food. However after their first anniversary, their servings are way smaller than before. We had some seafoods, Bicol Express, Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali, the like.

After that we went to my favorite bar in the whole of La Union, Kuya's Bar right beside our office in Villa Estrella. Of course, the entertainer of all time, Kaying, sang a wonderful song, Heaven and the audience of course was impressed.

I really wanna show Pramod around but there is a typhoon. Unfortunate. Like have him ride in a tricycle or jeepney for fun. Haha. It's the only thing he can experience that's truly Filipino. All work, work, work. Sigh. I hope we finish those past due projects. We wanna breathe.

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