July 28, 2004

La Union Food Part II

San Fernando

Most restaurants in San Fernando are Chinese. These are the ones situated strategically near the city center. In San Fernando, it's like there is no choice but fastfood, Chinese or carinderia.

Midtown is easily the most popular among them. They have a fast food counter, otherwise a more sosyal version of the carinderia. Here they display cooked food and you can just choose and point at what you like. Many people frequent the place because of this. Karekare is okay but you'll notice too much flour is added. They make good enough soups available at low prices. People usually order from the kitchen, soup or pancit. My mom loves their pancakes. I say it is normal eatable food.

Mandarin's meals are better tasting than Midtown's. However, sometimes the second floor smells like cockroaches or insecticide at times. They have a lot, and i mean, a LOT of waiters. It's like one person can man one table. Service is faster because there's less people than at Midtown. The place looks quite old, they need a facelift.

Kaw Bin's offers so-so Chinese food. Taste is alright BUT i've had a very bad experience with one of the service crew there. I ordered sashimi, and the waitress said, 'sigurado kayo?'. 'Oo' i said. 'Hilaw na isda yon.' I said 'Oo' again. 'Hindi yon luto.' Then i said exasperated 'I know'. Then some other waitress asked her, 'Ano raw'. Then this waitress exagerrated what i said in a very mean manner and said 'I KNow raw'. All within my hearing range. Dumb or really without manners? I hate the place and will never go there again. By the way, they serve their drinks in side walk halo halo like, easy to tip over plastic glasses.

Taipan They have great dimsum. I love it. Their meals though are not so tasty. Quite lacking in flavor and they offer meals that are weird to my taste like chicken with lemon.

United Food Palace in my opinion, offers the best food among the Chinese restaurants. Shrimps with Green Peas and nuts. Shrimps with Vegetables. Lumpiang Shanghai. However, their prices are quite high. Their restrooms are not so clean. It was my dad's favorite restaurant. One thing i admire about them is that they give their workers job security. When i go there today, i still see people who were waiters when i was in grade school, high school, or college. I mean they're still there. Either the pay is good or they are treated very well.

Now, on to the non Chinese. Cafe Esperanza makes great cakes. They also offer palabok, dinuguan and spaghetti. However the choices available are limited. It's right beside the Catholic church. They make great pastries. I love this place.

Gayyem has big servings of Filipino food and their prices are reasonable. Downside is it is so far. You can only eat there when you have time to actually visit the place. It is located along the way to the airport.

Oasis offers the best food in the whole of La Union. They also offer the best service. I sooo love their Japanese buffet every Wednesday and their steak night every Saturday. They offer a daily lunch buffet and it is so worth it. They have a great Japanese sushi bar. I love love love their sashimi plate. However, i think i will not go there for a long time. Why? You can look back at one of my entries.

Max's is Max's. Good enough meals. Slow but nice and friendly service. Clean. Just like any other Max's.

Enough said for today.

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