July 26, 2004

La Union food Part I

My blog today is about my own choice of restaurants in Agoo and Bauang.


Jollibee is so strategic many people go there even if the service sucks. It is right beside the Basilica, you won't miss it. It is spacious. Jollibee food is Jollibee food. Self explanatory. It is a wonder how the place doesn't turn out that noisy even if there are a lot of people and kids inside. Comfort rooms are high-tech. The bowls flush automatically when you get off the toilet seat.

The service crew not so keen on good service. You have to wait in line for a long time because those who take your order are not snappy, take too long to do things, have mistakes here and there, give you a regular coke when you've upsized it. You have to ask someone to clear the table if you wanna use one.

Iceland was the place to go when we were in high school. It was the only restaurant then, err maybe good enough restaurant. Now, it is still there, and looks the same 7 years ago, although the tables and chairs are older. Their fastfood is expensive for its quality. If you order, their pansit can be good. Don't expect much.


Torrie Pollie's is like a sosyal carinderia. They provide a nice enough ambiance for lutong bahay food. The interior is cool.

Hen Haw provides good enough Chinese food. Try their shrimps with cashew nuts and crispy pata. These are my favorites. Their rice toppings all look and taste alike whether it is lechon or shrimp or pork or beef. The place is right at the center of things, the entrance to the market. So if you want a more private setting, go somewhere else.

Yorimichi offers reasonably priced quality Japanese food except for their rice. Bottomless iced tea is delicious. I like their combo meals priced at around a hundred with rice, soup and dessert. It's a pretty small restaurant with friendly people. The place is quite far from the town center. In Manila, this kind of Japanese food will command prices of 250 and above.

The Venue is the best place to eat in Bauang. The place is like a giant bahay kubo, which is dimly lit. The ambiance makes you feel like you are in an outdoor garden. The owner's garden/landscape business is right next door, that's why. They offer good Filipino food. They have grilled sea food. They have good sisig. Good food for a good price. At times, they offer eat all you can and they serve prawns and lobster. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Bat Bauang at Agoo lang?

Rianne said...

Susunod ang san fernando.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!..really nice..u can really relate from it...have to make mine then...tnx for the info!