July 22, 2004

Fairy tales Part II

Are girls expecting their partners to be knights?

Will they be there when needed? Save them. Rescue them. Cry with them. Be there when they're down. Sacrifice just to make the other happy. Know best when to keep mum or to say something comforting even if they wouldn't have said it otherwise.

Women expect this, i think, generally. I do too.

On the other hand, how much change does a man have to make for his partner?

Is there a limit to what change he can do? Should he be accepted as is?

There is always some form of adjustment involved when it comes to relationships but the question is the extent to which such changes should happen.


Anonymous said...

o ayan ha. binasa ko na. peace.:-)

Anonymous said...

hi rianne!
guess who? hehe. knights in tarnished armor? we've seen a lot of those running around in college. instead of chariots they'd be driving lowered cars with mufflers the size... oops, d pla yun yung mga type ko.. hehe. hmm...i wouldn't want to be a guy knowing what i'd be expecting of him...no matter how rational(or irrational-depending on whose point of view) it may be...and the media ain't helping any either. hay naku! bsta don't expect the guy to change, you'll just be disappointed. besides, if he changes it should be because he wants to, not bec you do, and vice versa...o di ba?!?

Rianne said...

Hi, Let me guess. Olai?

Rianne said...
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