July 21, 2004

Fairy tales Part I

Sometimes people dream of what their lives ought to be like.

I have my own very simple dreams.

I want a happy, contented life. I was supposed to add 'just' to the previous statement but such a simple thing is a complicated matter altogether. Nothing will ever be perfect. I dream of a picture of a family, rich to the extent that i can send my children to good schools, that we can eat good, healthy food everyday, have occasional treats like traveling once in a while or eating out at certain intervals. I don't want to be so rich that all my time is consumed in determining how to keep my money safe, or make it grow even more, or how to protect myself from evil elements.

Maybe it can be described as just enough, however, when is enough enough? Picture a person who may get minimum wage, he rents a very small apartment where he cooks and sleeps inside the same 4 walls each day. Once he gets a raise, he'll somehow think of moving out of that small apartment and to some apartment with a bedroom and a separate kitchen. Next time he earns more, he may think of building or buying his own house. More money and he thinks of building a bigger house, with a pool or whatever luxury he can afford. Maybe a luxury he can not even afford. How comfortable is comfortable? When do you say you have enough already?

Homer tells me, there's no limit to improvement as long as there's room to improve and as long as you can handle it. Sometimes people are so driven to get rich. You can't blame them. Some people leave the country at the expense of not being with their loved ones because there is no choice. There is the irony for example of leaving your mother alone in the Philippines to be able to give her money for treatment. My mom always says, why leave when you have a good life here. You're not necessarily filthy rich but you have money for food, for simple luxuries and what's important is you are with your loved ones. There are lots of pros and cons. To a certain extent, my mom is right, yet some people will want more and its normal.

People look up to you when you have money. They see it outright. People won't look up to you when you are happy. Generally, i mean. To be able to appreciate someone happy, you have to go deeper and know the person, right. That takes time and you're not even sure if it is for real. Money is there. You can see it. You can feel its power.

In the end, i think my mom is right. If not driven by necessity, i would chose to stay and be with the ones i love rather than have all the money in the world yet feel lonely.

I'll talk about relationships next time.

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