July 16, 2004

Do problems ever end?


The government system sucks big time.  The BIR conducted tax mapping on the office i am managing October of last year. 

It's only now that i receive a response from the proper people without a hint they ever got the two letters i sent them.  Aaarggggh!  Another matter atop the heap of problems in the office.  Can i vent out my frustration somewhere.   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Still some people think i'm picking on them when in fact i'm next to ignoring them altogether.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I heard in Japan, they offer a service where you pay to create havoc and destruction to a very neat room with quite expensive things.  I need such a therapy.  But i may not be able to spend money on such a thing.  I better do some other thing.  I need suggestions.


I have this bad habit.  I only do things at the last minute.  Like i had a week to do my marketing case analysis.  Now it's Friday, submission will be tomorrow and i will only have time to do it tonight. 

A lot of people do this actually.  Things, like we work best under pressure, are common.  It is true from experience to some extent.  However, like schoolwork if i had prepared for three days, my grades are a lot higher than when i do the work in one night alone.  Not that the three days are not considered as cramming for some.  That 'some', by the way, is i think just a very small percentage of the population.

Some will also say that the working best under pressure excuse is plainly an excuse of those who are err... not industrious.  I use that statement all the time.  I think it is true.  However, i may just be in denial or i may just be deluding myself. 

Yesterday, i was talking to my sister about her friend who wants to get married now but her boyfriend wants it to still be in 2006.  By that time, she's turning 40 or worse, really at 40 in December.  She's afraid that she might not give birth anymore.  I fear this too.  Too long a wait might ruin my chances of having an offspring.  So, this is something that i might not want to procrastinate about.  Honestly, i wanna get married while i'm still in my twenties.  I have a very bad record of dysmenorrhea and i am afraid it might affect my birthing skills?  eek.  wrong word i think.  This time though, i'm sure i'm not ready yet.  Well, i've got less than seven years left.  Haha.  The countdown continues. 

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