July 29, 2004

Children and health

My health

I'm gettin fat again. In college, i was fat. When i came back from Fiji, i was really fat. Then, i lost weight all of a sudden while working. Everybody noticed so i think i really transformed from fat to thin. Now, i'm gaining weight again but i don't care anymore. So be it but this does not mean that i will not take care of my body. In Hong Kong, the number is like 7000 people who die each year because of lack of activity. Now, i'm like that, i live a sedentary lifestyle. Pathetic.

Gym, no time. Exercise at home, too lazy. Diet, can do. Drink low fat milk, can do. Walking, i'll try to revive the habit.

My Godchildren

Homer told me that Yee, his sister, wants to get me as Matt's ninang. Yay! I love babies. He's the little baby in the picture. We have the same birthday too. Cute! The other handsome boy with us is Seth.

To count, my Godchildren -- (1) Cindy's son, Janryl Carlo. He's now in preschool. (2) our neighbor's son or daugher, err, we aren't close. (3) Manong Vic's daughter, my niece Khyle. This girl is a snob! At the age of one, she can give you a killer look and say 'AYAW' even if you act like a dog but i adore her anyway. (4) Melanie's daughter, Zyre Milience. I haven't seen her since she was just a baby but she's very pretty the last time i saw her during her baptism, haha. (5) Uncle Jimmy Americano's grand son or daughter (Uncle Jimmy was one close friend of Papa). (6) Silva's son, Christian. Actually, the point of enumerating is to remember because I'm close to having Alzheimer's. Haha.

When will i have my own baby? I guess, not in the near future, mmm, neither in the near or in the far future. Oh well, at least i have my own baby, Rhyss (actually my sister's son). Many people say he looks like me. My sister is in Baguio. Rhyss is down here in La Union. So i act as the surrogate mother, otherwise what my sister will term as 'epaloid' behavior. I'm taking advantage of the time that her beloved mama is not around and steal all of Rhyss' attention. Ain't it neat?

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Ang laki na ni Rhyss