June 18, 2004

The survey says...

Okay, tomorrow is my first day for the semester. I hope to find great teachers and great new classmates. Anyhow, i wanna answer this survey.

personal info*

01. nickname: rianne
02. hobbies: net surfing, having interesting conversations
03. gender: female
04. age: 23
05. date of birth: sept 17
06. horoscope: virgo
07. school: UP Baguio
08. address: bauang, la union
09. email add:
10. cell number:
11. eye colour: very dark brown
12. hair colour: black
13. right or left handed: right
14. marital status: single
15. siblings: one sis
16. last 2 digits of ur landline: 71
17. when's ur bedtime: 11 usually
18. do u hav a car: nah, was expecting to get someone else's but sold just lately
19. do u have a pet: inanimate one, bart
20. what are your pets?: dog

*have u*
21. tried smoking: nope
22. drink alc0h0l: yup! occasionally!
23. been hurt emotionally: yup
24. kept a secret from anyone: of course
25. been on stage?: yeah


26. color : blue
27. type of cuisine: japanese
28. drinks: ice cold water
29. number: 16
30. looney toons:
31. sports: basketball, swimming
32. song : right now, can't take that away from me
33. movie: the rock, philadelphia
34. subject: culture
35. animal: dog

*right now*

36. wearing now: baby tee, jogging pants, rubber shoes
37. doing now: chatting
38. looking at: monitor of my pc
39. thinking of: tomorrow, first day of the sem
40. listening to: the sound of the keyboard

*do u believe in*

41. love?: of course
42. faith?: yes
43. GOD: yes
44. ghost: just evil spirits
45. angel: yes

*in the last 24hrs*

46. worn jeans: nope
47. cleaned ur room: not yet, i have to
48. cried: yeah
49. met someone new: nope
50. last person i talk to on the phone: homer


*love life*

51. do u hav a gf/bf: yes
52. hav a secret admirer: dunno
53. do u wanna get married? yes, but not now
54. plan on having kids?: someday
55. hw old u wanna be when u get married: 26 or 27
56. hw old u wanna be when u hav ur first child: as long as i don't reach 30
57. how many kids do u want: 3
58. would u hav kids before marriage: no
59. do u hav a crush: yeah
60. wat do u want most in a relationship: honesty, comfort, fun and laughter

*either one*

61. pink or black: blue
62. kiss or hug: hugs
63. summer or winter: autumn
64. sunny or rainy: rainy, it's nice to sleep
65. chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
66. hanging out or chilling: chilling..
67. music or tv: tv
68. nite or day: night, its cooler
69. guys or girls: both
70. sleepin or eatin: eating
71. love or lust: love
72. silver or gold: silver
73. sunrise or sunsets: sunsets are lovely
74. phone or in person: in person naman
75. diamond or pearl: diamond

*The person u know who are...*

76. nicest: dax
77. most caring: my dad
78. most understanding: my mom
79. funniest: rhyss
80. most Helpful:

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