June 30, 2004

I see my friend again

Yesterday, Pramod arrived in Bauang. He is one of my foreign friends. He's a good looking Nepalese.

Three years ago, i went to Fiji Islands for training in preparation for my work here. Initially, i lived in a big place alone. Imagine the silence and the freaky feeling of being in a foreign place. Then Pramod, who just came from China for training as well, arrived in Fiji and we were housemates for three months. He's a good friend. We had no choice but to have each other as company. We'd sneak to McDonald's and tell countless stories during dinner (over my less than sumptuous cooking:-)). Initially, i was afraid of him. Times were wasted and i was so homesick. He thought i was afraid of him and said i only became friendly when i knew he had a girlfriend. Haha. But that's not true. I really suck at first meetings.

Now, i'm so disappointed that i did not know about blogs yet that time. It could have been very useful. I wrote journals in notebooks and now i don't know where they are anymore.

I talked to God earlier. I was just sorry that sometimes i think of my boyfriend more often than i pray. It's sad. I pray that the Holy Spirit will rekindle the fire in me. I wanna be used by God for his purpose.

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