April 09, 2004

Villa Estrella Night

I had a blast last night. I went out with Homer and his cousins to Villa Estrella's famous Kuya's bar. We were actually having a wholesome "stag party" for Carlo, who's getting married on Saturday, April 10 with his longtime girlfriend DJ. We all enjoyed the night despite the 'peak season' pricing of the bar's drinks and were down to our last cents.

It was actually one rare chance of goin out here in La Union with a group. Homer and i usually just chill out by ourselves, due to lack of friends, haha, or the 'ilokanoness' of not wanting to spend so much and enriching Globe by inviting and texting and calling and organizing a gimmick here and there.

Jake (Homer's cousin) and Dodin (his sister) impressed the crowd with their marvelous singing and upstaged the performers that night, the Marmalade band. The band was great. It was composed of three friendly gals, one played sax, the other was on the keyboard and has a nice singing voice and there was Rina, if i remember correctly, who was the lead vocalist.

This is din.

This is jake.

It was my first time to hear Jake sing and oh my, was i impressed. He's young and yet he has this very cool mature voice that seems to calm your nerves when you hear it.

The crowd was very tame except for us who really enjoyed, laughed and jammed with the band. I downed two glasses of Black Russian and was egged on to dance (again years after the Junior High School prom) with my then date and now boyfriend, Homer. It was really awkward.:-)