April 22, 2004



I am currently reading the book 'Purpose Driven Life'. I am a Christian but nowadays, i think i really need a revival - to have once again the passion to serve God like i had during college. I started talking about this to Homer and i hope he takes me seriously.

Everything we do here on earth are just fleeting compared to the eternal life that God promises to those who surrender their lives to Him. I pray that i will be used by God for His purpose and i pray that i think not for myself or what i want but for the purpose that God has in my life.

God is really faithful to his promises and i thank Him for continuing to use me even if i've strayed a couple of times.


I also pray that i will not be overcome by bitterness for those who have done me wrong and for those i've done wrong as well. I pray that i will totally let go of every hurt and not let anyone steal the happiness that i must enjoy being God's daughter. I pray that all my loved ones will come to the knowledge of God and that they serve God and we'll be a family who will put forth the purpose of God in our lives.


I've just read the speech Gokongwei delivered to the Ateneo college graduation and what he said was true. This country needs upright businessmen who will give life to the economy of this country. It's what this country needs - jobs and more jobs for people.

Furthermore, this country needs a spiritual and moral renewal. I pray that an upright man will win to lead this country. A corrupt and immoral leadership will lead a body towards the wrong way. We need righteous leaders who will not take advantage of their positions for personal advancement and who will spend Filipinos' taxes on things that will improve our lives. I pray for leaders with the wisdom and the capability to direct the country and implement change where it is needed.

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