April 14, 2004

A Loss

I think they will bury my elementary/secondary schoolmate BooDee today. He passed away during the holy week when he unexpectedly drowned in the Paradiso pool in Aringay.

BooDee and I were actually teased when we were in grade school. He was this playboy and i'm one of those 'girlfriends'. He ended up marrying Rowena, my good friend, who's also a classmate back then. They were supposed to have their second child baptized this week but this unfortunate thing happened.

He was a jolly almost happy go lucky fellow. He comes out too strong for some people. Although we're not really close, i'll always remember BooDee to be a smart fellow who is a father to his kids. I pray that Rowena and his whole family will go through this with strength and wisdom to start anew with his memories to inspire them.